Gardens Designed For Life

Escape to nature within the comfort of your own home.

Welcome to Tom Wolstenholme Garden Design, where gardens are not just spaces but transformative landscapes designed for life. Our gardens harmonise your values, needs and aspirations with the innate tranquility of nature, resulting in spaces that transcend functionality to become vibrant, living sanctuaries.

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About Us

Discover the art of harmonious living through our transformative gardens.

With a focus on intelligent and intuitive design, we reshape spaces, fostering profound connections between architecture and the natural world. We craft landscapes that invigorate, enrich and enlighten, seeking to promote healthier living, enhance mental wellbeing and ensure a sustainable future.

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Garden design services that help you explore, discover and reconnect.

From crafting bespoke gardens to providing care plans that expertly maintain your outdoor paradise, our aim is to connect you with spaces you’ll proudly call home. Transforming your garden into an extraordinary oasis—your personal haven for family, friends and the beauty of nature.

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  • Gardens Designed For Life
    Gardens Designed For Life
  • Values as timeless as the gardens we create
    Values as timeless as the gardens we create

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