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Our ethos is very simple. To share our passion and unite like-minded people with a view of a better future.

The pressures of day to day living have for some become moments of endurance, and like us, are constantly seeking a sense of freedom that nature provides. We want to inspire people to discover a way of improving the quality of their outdoor living and to develop their spaces with consideration to the wider environment.

Improving environments has been at the heart of TWGD from the beginning. Many of us look to escape to the wilderness if not just for a short while. We pay attention to the smallest details and design to transport you from the daily grind to the sense of freedom you seek. We design all of our gardens hoping that others will become inspired and follow suit to create the space that is right for them, all the while providing habitats for the local ecology to thrive in their freedom.

Everything we do is inspired by the desire to live a life that promotes and improves mental wellbeing through enhancing the environment in which we live. This quality of life can then be passed on to future generations to promote healthier living whilst improving lives.

Professional garden designer

Tom Wolstenholme Garden Design seeks to inspire, encourage and stimulate emotions and ideas by designing landscapes that energise, enrich and enlighten.

Guided by our ethos and vision for a sustainable future we set out to create sophisticated, timeless spaces that enable our clients to live in synergy with nature. Through conscientious design we are able to forge connective relationships between people and places, encouraging positive effects on mental stimulation and creating a sense of being.

We follow an ethic of responsibility, prompting us to consider the origin and physical chemistry of the materials we use within any given landscape. Understanding these characteristics enables us to select materials which stand the test of time. These principles enable us to deliver a garden you can connect with and are proud to call your home.

Garden Design Studio

Tom Wolstenholme established his studio in Leamington Spa in 2012 and has since built a reputation for his meticulous eye for detail and sensitivity in his approach to the spaces he designs.

Studying art, design and photography, Tom’s career began as an artist specialising in air brush illustration with his work selling internationally. This provided him with a profound understanding of colour, composition, proportion and space, which now translates through the views he captures in the gardens he creates.

Early in his career Tom decided to take some time out to travel and reflect upon his chosen path and where it may lead. Upon visiting a Buddhist monastery, he learnt the art of meditation & spent the following two years practising Buddhism as a forest monk.

Adhering to the level of self-discipline which is required of a monk, reinforced his respect for ethical conduct and has since become an essential part of his focus for designing ecological gardens. Through his meditation practise he gained insight into how perception and connection to our external environment influences our mental wellbeing. These have now become the underpinning values throughout the designs he creates.

Leaving monastic life he went on to develop his skills in construction, garden design and horticulture. With a view of creating a sustainable future he is now committed to designing outdoor and garden environments designed to create positive lasting effects for the user and wider environment.

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