Four Winds
  • Garden Design
  • Planting Scheme
  • Garden architecture
  • Courtyard
  • Countryside garden
  • Built-in BBQ
  • Manicured lawn
  • Porcelain paving
  • Stylish garden design

Four Winds

The brief was to turn this large 325sqm countryside garden into a place where their family could relax, the children would have ample space to play and they could all entertain their friends and family.

Set in the Warwickshire countryside, looking over the hills of Burton Dasset country park, this stunning garden comprises of a beautiful built-in BBQ area accompanied by a bespoke furniture dining set designed by Tom Wolstenholme. Sitting at the top of the garden with the view of the fields lies another intimate patio area which contains a matching sofa set. Joining these two areas lies a beautifully manicured lawn where the family can relax and play, whilst soaking up the ambiance of their newly landscaped garden. The sleek finish of the porcelain paving, set against the contrast of the rugged landscape, allows both hard and soft landscaping to announce their presence within the innovative, stylish garden design.


“We are very pleased with our new garden. The design process was thorough, with Tom spending a lot of time ensuring that he got a lot of information about our requirements initially and then reviewing the design until we were happy. The construction was also well organised. Tom advised us regarding the process at each stage and kept the site clean with as little disruption to us as possible. He was open to our feedback throughout the process, advising and amending small details as needed to ensure that we were happy. Now that the garden is completed we have really enjoyed using all the different spaces that have been created. We have been impressed with Tom’s creativity and ability to visualise his design in order to utterly transform the space that we have.”

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